9月12日 日本3 カナダ0

CBSスポーツ: Volleyball World Cup: Canada falls to host Japan

グレン・ホーグ監督:”Japan has had a great tournament so far. They outplayed us in all aspects – if you look at blocking, serving, attacking, receiving – so there’s not much to say. We were dominated; we lack patience.”

フレデリック・ウィンタース、キャプテン:”I thought Japan was very good – very well organized and they spike with a lot of power.”

FIVBニュース: Japan Make Light Work of Canada

Japan, spurred on by the sold out crowd at the Hiroshima Green Arena, had a positive start with a Shimizu spike sending them into the first technical timeout 8-4 ahead. An ace from Akihiro Yamauchi sent the hosts eight up on 16-7 as they continued to look strong. Canada began to pull back thanks to an improved blocking game and some good serving, but a block by Japan meant they kept a large gap at 19-12. A side out spike from Shimizu brought match point before the Japan captain pounded a ball into the face of Daniel Lewis to give them a one set lead.



9月10日 日本3 オーストラリア1

FIVBニュース: Japan Rock Australia with Third Defeat

The Japanese did not have the strongest of starts but, amazingly, found themselves in the lead at 13-8 thanks to five Australian errors. Japan found their rhythm to keep their Asian rivals at arms-length. Australia did start to narrow the deficit, siding out twice. But they surrendered the serve on both occasions much to the delight of the crowd. A huge Masahiro Yanagida spike through the middle of two Australian blockers only rallied the fans and Yoshifumi Suzuki finished the set in favour of the Japanese.

FIVBニュース: Nambu Says Players Rebounded After Third-set Disappointment – 次の方々のコメントを英語で載せています:南部正司監督、ロベルト・サンティーリ監督、清水邦広選手、山内晶大選手、永野健選手、トーマス・エドガー選手


9月9日 日本1 アメリカ合衆国3

チームUSAのサイト: U.S. Men Take Control against Japan

U.S. Head Coach John Speraw was most impressed by his team’s improved play in the third and fourth sets. He credited Japan’s great play, particularly in serving and blocking, with his team’s error-prone play in the first two sets.

アーロン・ラッセル選手:“We stayed true to our passing lineup and our scouting report,” Russell said. “We knew they were come out and play hard and served tough. All we did was fight off some tough serves and they weren’t able to bring it the rest of the night.”

FIVBニュース: Speraw Says Better Fundamental Play Made Difference Against Japan – 次の方々のコメントを英語で載せています:ジョン・スパロー監督、南部正司監督、デービッド・リー選手、マシュー・アンダーソン選手、清水邦広選手、深津英臣選手、柳田将洋選手



9月8日 日本3 エジプト1

KingFut、エジプト人による英語スポーツサイト: Egypt lose to Japan in volleyball World Cup opener

Japan strolled into a 3-1 lead early in the third set, but Egypt clawed their way back and within ten minutes led 12-9. Japan continued to assert their dominance winning the third set 25-18 and putting them 2-1 up infant on sets.

FIVBニュース: Ishikawa Helps Edge Japan to Win Over Egypt

The Japanese fans became more vocal than ever in the final frame and their support was rewarded on court as the world No.20 went 4-1 up, forcing Egypt coach Nehad Shehata into a timeout. However it failed to help, with the Japanese block improving as Egyptian heads began to drop. A serve error from Egypt gave Japan a first match point, but they needed to side out one last time before a spike from Yako, his first of the game, giving the hosts the win.